Anthony’s Randonneur

The bike is inspired by the one I built for the Transcontinental Race in 2016. But here we’re using disc brakes instead of cantis. The frame is made from light Columbus Zona tubes, my choice of tubes for long-distance bikes where comfort is just as important as performance.

The client provided the wheels and components, we built the frame set and took care of the paint job for frame and fenders as well as the assembly. Advantage of this approach: no compromise on the “sur mesure” aspect and the cost benefit of re-using components from an existing bike, as long as those are in excellent conditions - which is a condition for us to do the assembly.

In this case the bike is equipped with the reliable Shimano Ultegra group set, TRP spyre mechanical disc brakes, Busch & Müller lights powered by a Shutter Precision dynamo hub. There is a bit of luxury going on with the beautiful White Industries VBC crank set, a Chris King NoThreadSet and the lovely Gilles Berthoud Aspin held by the Paul "Tall and Handsome" seat post.