Serge’s Randonneur

When I look at it all done I almost forget the headaches this one was causing to figure out the Campa 3x10 Veloce with a set of small Spécialité TA Pro 5 Vis chain rings... it didn't go unmodified.

But now she is sitting in her wheels, all pretty. Lugs had to be modified to accommodate the angles for the small Columbus SL frame.

Great rack and wheel building by Matthias. The decaleur mount is directly brased on the rack to hold the Grand Bois decaleur in place.

What else is on the bike: Beautiful set of Paul center pull brakes directly mounted to the frame and fork. Set of high flanch Sun XCD hubs matching the cranks. Super light 650x38b Grand Bois Écureuil tires. Vélo Orange bottle cages and fenders painted by M-Level. Grand Bois stem with bell mount. Brooks England saddle and bar tape. Little Kiley battery rear light. There is a mount for the front version on the rack. Lezyne road drive pump augmented with a hand rolled spring to hold it tight on the frame.

All the space to hold a full set of Gilles Berthoud bags and ready for adventure.